The H Window Received the Window Industry's Highest Ratings in Numerous Areas of Performance!  Simply Revolutionary!


The H Window System is unmatched in... 

~ Energy saving performance

~ Structural integrity

~ Unlimited aesthetic possibilities

~  Intelligent design



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Many of the videos incorporated into this website are the result of on-site filming at the H Window factory in Ashland, Wisconsin and the showroom in Duluth, Minnesota. 


Our video interviews with Rick Hammer, the regional manager of the H Window Company, showcase many of the unique features of the H Window.  Thanks to his very  detailed descriptions and demonstrations, we hope our viewers can clearly see the unique qualities and true magnificence of the H Window.


In the past, the H Window has been marketed and is used widely for commercial buildings.  Its safety features alone have made it a popular choice in the business world, especially for high-rise apartments and tall commercial buildings. 


It is our goal to ensure that home owners are also made aware of this state-of-the-art window and have an opportunity to enjoy its impressive attributes.


We hope our videos and photos clearly show the warm beauty of the H Window's wooden interiors, as well as the many choices of custom colors for outside decorating.  Your choices of wood, color and overall window shape and design are practically unlimited with the H Window.


As well, when it comes to energy efficiency and security features, the H Window has the highest rating of any window manufactured.  All in all, it is the perfect choice for a home that is truly valued by its owner.



     Can Your Window Do This?

     The H Window - Hinge

     The H Window - Screen

     The H Window - Push-Bar

     The H Window - Security Features

     The H Window - Dry Glazing

     The H Window - Ventilation





The H Window was designed in Norway, where  homes are subject to environmental extremes.  These extremes range from severe arctic coastal conditions to cold weather blasts directly from the North Pole.


All of Norway lies north of the most southern part of Canada, and about a third of its land is north of the Arctic Circle.  The H Window was designed to insulate homes from sub-zero arctic blasts from the polar cap, while providing the home with the lasting beauty of a real wood interior.


Due to these extremes, the H Window exterior was engineered to be virtually maintenance-free with structural integrity unmatched in the window industry.


No operating window available can match the structural, air infiltration and water resistance of the H Window.


Obviously, if the H window can insulate and protect the homes of Norway against these extreme weather conditions, imagine the performance this window can achieve for your home.


No matter if your home is located in the scorching heat of the deserts of the Southwest... or the icy, windswept plains of the North... the H Window will insulate, protect and beautify your home.





We offer "Green" certified woods.  When you purchase wood products that have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo, you can be assured that you are buying from a well-managed forest and from an accredited Chain-of-Custody Certified supplier.








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