The H Window Received the Window Industry's Highest Ratings in Numerous Areas of Performance!  Simply Revolutionary!


The H Window System is unmatched in... 

~ Energy saving performance

~ Structural integrity

~ Unlimited aesthetic possibilities

~  Intelligent design



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We offer "Green" certified woods.  When you purchase wood products that have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo, you can be assured that you are buying from a well-managed forest and from an accredited Chain-of-Custody Certified supplier.









Log Home Showing a Variety of Window Shapes Home Showing Ventilation Capabilities & a Variety of Window Shapes

Home Showing a Variety of Window Shapes



Custom Built


Every H Window is custom built to your exact requirements and we never charge a premium on special sizes.   This makes H Windows ideal for both new construction and your most challenging remodeling
projects. After all, windows should be built to meet your exact size requirements, not just the closest standard size available.


 Glazing Options

The H Window offers unlimited glazing options that can optimize safety, security and energy performance.
Triple pane, safety glass, Sage Glass, blast glass or the standard dual pane...  The H Window offers glazing choices that are only limited to current glass technology.

Dry Glazing

Because of the H Window commercial “dry glazing” system, replacement of the insulated glazing unit is easy and inexpensive. 

As new glass technology evolves (which it will), the H Window system is more sustainable than conventional windows.  With the H Window system, new glass technology upgrades don’t involve an expensive window system replacement.

Projection Awning Operating Windows

A large part of building “green” is the capability to utilize fresh air ventilation and save on needless air conditioning by having a window system that opens and vents.  The H Window projection awning system can provide perfect choice ventilation without losing performance. 


The H Window projection window system provides:

  • Highest air infiltration rating of all operating windows.

  • Highest water resistance rating of all operating windows

  • Highest structural performance

  • Largest operating single sash available (up to 25 square feet)

  • Highest security rating of any operating window (Level 40 - forced entry)

  • Life Cycle tested for 2500 cycles

  • Maintenance-free operating hardware

  • Lifetime warranty on operating hardware.

Custom Exterior Finishes

The H Window offers unlimited exterior finishes in power coat, anodized custom colors and Kynar ™.

Unlimited Wood Interior Options

Choose from pine, oak, maple, ash, birch, redwood, cherry, mahogany, walnut or any other available wood. Factory-applied, water based, no HAPS and NO or LOW VOCS varnishes are available in seven colors.  As well, H Window offers FSC woods.

Hardware options

Hardware options include the pushbar, crank, Euro handle and custodial handle.








The following brochures supply detailed information for home owners.  They are available to be downloaded in PDF form.





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Details for the above Example:


Standard Powder-coat Green extruded aluminum on the outside with furniture-finished clear pine on the inside...


The H Window offers unlimited exterior colors and your choice of real wood interiors with factory applied finishes of a furniture grade.







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