The H Window Received the Window Industry's Highest Ratings in Numerous Areas of Performance!  Simply Revolutionary!


The H Window System is unmatched in... 

~ Energy saving performance

~ Structural integrity

~ Unlimited aesthetic possibilities

~  Intelligent design



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Located between the glass, mini-blinds are easy to open and close.

Window Accessory Company Incorporated

The above brochure - The Finest in Between Glass Venetian Blind Technology - describes the components and high quality of the blinds which H Window uses as a custom option.


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High Performance Glass Options

Since every H Window is custom made, your options for high performance glass can be customized for your home’s needs.

With the H Window custom glass options, we can adjust your window system for optimal performance if you live in a cold climate with sub zero or in the middle of the desert with temperatures above three digits.  Double or triple glazing with argon and custom tinting to obtain the most efficient Solar Heat Gain and Shading Coefficient will make your H Window obtain high performance wherever you live.



The H Window offers both interior and exterior grids. The exterior grids are made from heavy weight extruded aluminum with snap mounts for easy removal, or they can be permanently affixed for extra security.

Lastly, the H Window also offers in-between-the-glass (internal) grids for an undivided and unobstructed interior and exterior glass surface.



Mini-Blind Option


Mini-blinds, like grids, can be installed in between the glass of an H Window, thereby not interfering with cleaning or other window treatments.




Colors & Woods


The H Window offers more colors and fine wood choices than any other manufacturer.  The colors shown below are some of the most popular; however, your custom-color choice is practically unlimited.  Our warm, beautifully finished woods are available in pine and hardwoods, such as oak, maple, ash, birch, redwood, cherry, mahogany and walnut.










The H Window was designed in Norway, where  homes are subject to environmental extremes.  These extremes range from severe arctic coastal conditions to cold weather blasts directly from the North Pole.


All of Norway lies north of the most southern part of Canada, and about a third of its land is north of the Arctic Circle.  The H Window was designed to insulate homes from sub-zero arctic blasts from the polar cap, while providing the home with the lasting beauty of a real wood interior.


Due to these extremes, the H Window exterior was engineered to be virtually maintenance-free with structural integrity unmatched in the window industry.


No operating window available can match the structural, air infiltration and water resistance of the H Window.


Obviously, if the H window can insulate and protect the homes of Norway against these extreme weather conditions, imagine the performance this window can achieve for your home.


No matter if your home is located in the scorching heat of the deserts of the Southwest... or the icy, windswept plains of the North... the H Window will insulate, protect and beautify your home.






We offer "Green" certified woods.  When you purchase wood products that have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo, you can be assured that you are buying from a well-managed forest and from an accredited Chain-of-Custody Certified supplier.








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