The H Window Received the Window Industry's Highest Ratings in Numerous Areas of Performance!  Simply Revolutionary!


The H Window System is unmatched in... 

~ Energy saving performance

~ Structural integrity

~ Unlimited aesthetic possibilities

~  Intelligent design



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We offer "Green" certified woods.  When you purchase wood products that have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo, you can be assured that you are buying from a well-managed forest and from an accredited Chain-of-Custody Certified supplier.





H Window Performance Comparisons to

an Average Clad Double Hung Window (C.D.H)



Structural Performance (higher number = better performance):

Average Clad Double Hung:  H-R30 to H-LC50  Design pressure of 30-50 psf

H Window:                        AP-AW100          Design pressure of 100 psf


R= Residential                  

LC= Light Commercial

C= Commercial

HC=Heavy Commercial

AW=Architectural (Life Cycle Testing Required)


Air infiltration (lower number = better performance):         

Average C.D.H:   0.2 to 0.3 cubic feet per minute at 6.24 Psf (0.3 max allowed by AAMA)

H Window:         0.01 cubic feet per minute at 6.24 Psf (0.1 max allowed by AAMA)


Air Infiltration Calculations:

This is the amount of air being exchanged based on the test data for the respective windows.  The calculation is using a window quantity of 5 windows at 20 square feet each and an average wind velocity of 25 miles per hour.  The amount of air leakage is air that will actually have to be re-heated or cooled to maintain the inside temperature in the building. (Note that the numbers below are for 100 square feet of windows only.)


Average C.D.H (good): 0.25 cfm per sq.ft. = 1,500 cubic feet/hr or 36,000 cubic feet/day.

Aver. C.D.H (better): 0.20 cfm per sq.ft. = 1,200 cubic feet/hr or 28,800 cubic feet/day.

H Window:  0.01 cubic feet per minute per sq.ft. =  60 cubic feet/hr or 1,440 cubic feet/day.


We also feel that an awning style H Window is more durable and requires less maintenance for hardware and cleaning over time than a double hung style window. The H Window has also been life cycle tested (2500 operation cycles) as part of the AW-rating.  The life cycle testing has shown no damage to any hardware or moving parts in the window.  The air and water performance has also been tested to be the same as before the life cycle testing.  Average sliding or hung windows usually lose performance after use and will not meet the AW-rating which requires the life cycle testing.






The H Window was designed in Norway, where  homes are subject to environmental extremes.  These extremes range from severe arctic coastal conditions to cold weather blasts directly from the North Pole.


All of Norway lies north of the most southern part of Canada, and about a third of its land is north of the Arctic Circle.  The H Window was designed to insulate homes from sub-zero arctic blasts from the polar cap, while providing the home with the lasting beauty of a real wood interior.


Due to these extremes, the H Window exterior was engineered to be virtually maintenance-free with structural integrity unmatched in the window industry.


No operating window available can match the structural, air infiltration and water resistance of the H Window.


Obviously, if the H window can insulate and protect the homes of Norway against these extreme weather conditions, imagine the performance this window can achieve for your home.


No matter if your home is located in the scorching heat of the deserts of the Southwest... or the icy, windswept plains of the North... the H Window will insulate, protect and beautify your home.






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